Ask a Feminist | Q. 9 Why are feminists so angry? It's putting off. / by Tara Kaushal

July 2018: I answer questions that are burning your bras and run this column as a makeshift guide to the feminist way of life.

Why are feminists so angry? It's putting off.

“Hell, yeah! We’re angry. We’ve been hysterical with rage for centuries. (But what is also equally imperative is to recognise anger as only one of the many legitimate ways to feel or act, and not pedestalise it in a movement which must be all for inclusive righteous expression.)In the face of everything that plagues feminist life one violation, misrepresentation and injustice at a time, are you surprised? Among other tropes of seeking justice, anger is a choice we are entitled to. Unless, of course, your privilege strokes you long and hard and you expect us to grin our way through our rampant oppression.”

This column appeared on Pass the Mic, the blog of Why Indian Men Rape in July 2018.