Ask a Feminist | Q. 4 What should I do with mistletoe at an office Christmas party? / by Tara Kaushal

December 2017: I answer questions that are burning your bras and run this column as a makeshift guide to the feminist way of life.

 I'm an American recently moved to India for work. I attended the big annual office bash this past weekend. And there was mistletoe, at this Indian Office Christmas party! Where I come from, you kiss under the mistletoe. Just curious—what should I have done?

"We completely empathise with your confusion. We're quite sure that the organiser of the office party either didn't know the significance of mistletoe and/or didn't expect anyone else to. Every country has its own unique cultural norms, and it is necessary to reflect them in your behaviour when you move there, or even just visit. Besides, unless you work at a pervy unprofessional place, public kissing-shissing isn't usually company policy—here and, increasingly, the world over, thanks to the Weinstein and #MeToo conversations. We trust you kept lips and hands to yourself."

This column appeared on Pass the Mic, the blog of Why Indian Men Rape in December 2017.