Ask a Feminist | Q. 1 Why do some feminists hate men? / by Tara Kaushal

December 2017: I answer questions that are burning your bras and run this column as a makeshift guide to the feminist way of life.

During this #metoo wave I read a lot of horrible stories, stories which I don't wish on anyone and I despise. But something that I also encountered these days is, because of all those negative encounters with men, some women who call themselves 'feminists' are actually just hating men. And that is terrifying me. I feel I cannot say anything, can't have my own opinion without being frowned upon. Is this something you would agree on?

"Having an opinion is completely fine; however, if your opinion submits to the patriarchal structure (with or without intention), feminists will most certainly fight back. However, if you have been subject to random man-hating in the garb of feminism, sorry. Feminism is not equal to misandry and we all know some wonderful men... The appropriate answer when confronted with man-hating is to point out that feminism is not a fight between men and women, but between philosophies—of patriarchy vs equality. Just as some men are feminists and believe in human rights, women can be perpetrators of patriarchy. By hating on all men, misandrists do a disservice to the cause, where like-minded people of all genders should unite to fight the good fight. Further, all women who call themselves 'feminists' are not necessarily representative of feminism as a whole. We hope you find the space and company conducive for your feminist ideas to evolve..."

This column appeared on Pass the Mic, the blog of Why Indian Men Rape in December 2017.